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Welcome to the Rhode Island Pit Stop



Luv-a-Bull, Kiss-a-Bull and Hug-a-Bull

We've created this award winning web site to share the truth about the crazy "Bully" dogs with everyone.  We have some great information for you.  Get the real scoop on these great breeds.  Enjoy the other fun stuff (we think you will smile).  Get help to find an "adopt-a-bull" for your family, as well.  And, there are also lots of photos of our own guys in action (or inaction, as the case may be). 

What are "Bully" dogs?  (click here to find out)

We will continue to update and add to this site with new links and information about the most misunderstood companion animals in the world today and, of course, new photos of the gang.

Thanks for checking out the site. 
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