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All the information that's pit to print:


Bully : The Pits
Paul 107

American Pit Bull Terriers/American Staffordshire Terriers: Everything About Purchase, Housing, Care, Nutrition, and Health Care (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Joe Stahlkuppe

The Working Pit Bull
Diane Jessup

Guide to Owning a Pit Bull Terrier: Puppy Care, Grooming, Training, History, Health, Breed Standard (Re Series)
J.D. Pierce

The American Pit Bull Terrier Handbook (Barron's Pet Handbooks)
Joe Stahlkuppe

The American Pit Bull Terrier : An Owner's Guideto aHappy Healthy Pet (Happy Healthy Pet)
Jacqueline O'Neil

The Truth About the American Pit Bull Terrier
Richard F. Stratton

This Is the American Pit Bull Terrier
Richard F. Stratton

American Pit Bull and Staffordshire Terriers: Everything About Purchase, Care, Nutrition, Breeding, Behavior, and Training (A Complet)
Joe Stahlkuppe


Staffordshire Terriers: American Staffordshire Terrier and Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Anna Katherine Nicholas

The American Staffordshire Terrier : Gamester and Guardian (Howell's Best of Breed Library)
Sarah Foster

American Staffordshire Terriers (KW Dog)
Anna K. Nicholas

A New Owner's Guide to Staffordshire Bull Terriers
Dayna Lemke

The Complete Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Book of the Breed)
Danny Gilmour

Staffordshire Bull Terriers: An Owner's Companion
V.H. Pounds

Bull Terriers Today
David Harris

Peter Larkin

The Working American Bulldog
Dave Putnam

American Bulldogs
John Blackwell


NOVA: Dogs and More Dogs

Big Dogs / Little Dogs (A&E DVD Archives)
A & E Home Video

Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry


Dog Fancy - Bully Breeds
Dog Fancy


Dog Fancy
Fancy Publications

Dogs for Kids
BowTie, Inc

Dog World
Fancy Publications

Fido Friendly
Fido Friendly Inc

Dog & Kennel
Pet Publishing

Pit Probe
Pit Probe

Pit Emporium
Pit Emporium